Tourist routes

We encourage you to visit the beautiful surroundings of Lake Rożnowskie during cycling and hiking tours. The local areas are perfect for outdoor activities. Tourists eagerly use it for running training, cycling or marching with Nordic walking poles. There are PTTK routes running around Lake Rożnowskie, which allow tourists to reap the maximum benefits of the natural conditions offered by this area. There is a local bicycle rental in Bartkowa-Posadowa.

The following hiking trails run along the Rożnowskie Lake:

  • blue – Bartkowa – Rożnów (2 hours), Rożnów dam – Rożnów Zagórze – Ostra Góra north. – Ostra Góra South – Znamirowice – Just (2 hours 30 minutes), Bartkowa – Przydonica (1 hour 15 minutes) – Bukowiec (3 hours),
  • red – Bartkowa – Jelna (3 hours 15 minutes) – Nowy Sącz (6 hours 30 minutes),
  • yellow – Bartkowa – Majdan (1 hour 15 minutes) – Posadowa (2 hours) – Jamna Potoki (3 hours).

The varied topography and beautiful views over Lake Rożnowskie encourage hiking and cycling. By cycling, running or walking with Nordic walking poles, you can oxygenate your body, keep fit and visit the beautiful corners of the Nowy Sącz region.

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