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Lake Rożnowskie creates excellent conditions for lovers of sailing and other water sports. The reservoir covers an area of ​​1,600 hectares and is nearly 22 kilometers long. The maximum depth is 35 meters. The Rożnowskie Lake, created as a result of the construction of the dam on the Dunajec River, is the greatest water attraction of the Sądecczyzna region. Gródek nad Dunajcem is famous for its sandy beaches and convenient places for swimming.

The waters of Lake Rożnowskie are especially popular with sailing enthusiasts. There are also boat rentals for sailors of all ages and levels of advancement in the surrounding towns. Many centers also offer the possibility of accommodating guests with their own vessels.

The Słoneczny Cypel apartments in Gródek nad Dunajcem is a perfect starting point for all lovers of water sports. In the nearby rental shops, among others, sailboats, motorboats, scooters, but also kayaks, bicycles and boats. The landscape admired from the waters of Lake Rożnowskie looks really amazing!

Well-equipped water sports equipment rentals you will find, among others at the Barbara holiday resort in Gródek, the Bartkowa marina and the Stalownik holiday home in Bartkowa or the Beskid resort in Znamirowice.

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